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Mission Statement

Our mission at Balanced Life Cleaning Service Corp. is to help our busy customers get the most out of their days by removing cleaning as an obstacle in achieving a balanced lifestyle. We will do this by providing a simple, high quality cleaning service.

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Joanne is the sole owner and operater of Balanced Life Cleaning Services. As such, she takes tremendous pride in upholding a reputation of trust and confidence in her work. She’s a strong, fit competitive athlete in her personal life, so you know she has the energy of someone half her age! Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle combined with the fact that she’s a mature individual with a solid work ethic, you can rest assured knowing that she will be focused solely on the job at hand while cleaning your home. Furthermore, she is a mother to three grown children, so she’s no stranger to tough cleaning jobs – and understands how precious your time is.

as written by Yvette; friend & fellow figure competitor